Dance Attire and Equipment for Class
All dancers should dress comfortably in t-shirt and
shorts. Please do not wear jeans, long dresses etc.
Irish dancing shoes are not required at first for beginners but are a must for all other dancers.
If for any reason you can not wear your dancing shoes please be sure to bring along your
joggers to class.

Click here for information on what shoes are required and how/where to buy them.


Please bring a cold drink all year round.

Dancers with long hair must wear their hair tied back.
Please label all shoes and clothing clearly with your childs' name.
To ensure that all classes run as smoothly as possible, please make
sure that your child arrives for class on time.

Unfortunately it is not possible for parents/carers to wait within the
dance studio, this can be disruptive to class. We kindly ask that you
wait outside the studio at all times.

Please also collect your child promptly at the end of their class as it is
not always possible for an adult to wait with them.
*shoe photos used by courtesy of Antonio Pacelli